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Our Favorite Clam Chowder Recipe - As Voted By Residents





Jamie, one of the sous chefs at the Springs, was classically trained in over 35 different soups and has the nickname around the community of “The Soup Queen.” Every day soup options are made fresh from scratch for residents. One that stands out above the rest is Jamie's clam chowder. Her chowder is featured every Friday; if it’s missing, the staff will surely hear about it from the residents.


Jamie says. “Our Executive Chef Cody comes to me every week asking for ideas for the menu planning. It’s a lot of fun, like a chef's playground. I get to experiment with the flavors, and I absolutely love it. One exception, however, is every Friday, they make it a point to do clam chowder.”


The residents love it, and it's a family recipe. Jamie explains how her family of around 15 would always go to Newport for a family vacation every year. They would rent a vast 11-bedroom house and, of course, make the families clam chowder.


“That's how I learned it. The cousins went outside, and I decided to stay inside and cook. Over the years, I’ve done my little tweaks with it. After my training, I learned to layer the soup in a certain way. Now it turns out better than before as the flavors develop, creating a fuller flavor.” Explains Jamie.


Jamie has continued to pass this family recipe and tradition to her two little girls. “They both know it now by heart. My mom and aunt have been doing this recipe since they were younger. They learned from my grandma, so it's been in our family for quite some time.”


The only problem is handling the residents' expectations when it’s Jamie’s turn for a vacation. “When I take a vacation coming up, I'll have to make, or I'll have to teach them how to make clam chowder because the residents always know this isn't her clam chowder. Such a warm welcome, and I love it. I love it. I care so much.”



Preparing the best clam chowder recipe for senior living residents at The Springs Living at Sherwood, Oregon retirement Chef Jamie of The Springs Living at Sherwood, Oregon and her daughter Meadow make their family favorite Clam Chowder for senior living residents who are retired at the Springs Living Assisted Living in Sherwood, OR

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