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The Springs Living offers the best care for your loved ones. Take a look at our testimonials to see what everybody has to say about our facilities!

A Eulogy for Patrick Barerra

Dearest Ones,

When I was in Bible School I came upon a verse in the book of Hebrews.  It read, “Be careful to entertain strangers because they may be angels.”  Really?  I thought that was so cool!  Not only that, but some of the older students had actually seen angels!  Wow, I wanted to see them too.  But I never did.

Then I went on the Seminary and I studied some more.  Hebrews became my favorite book.  While in Seminary I met two older students and they admitted they had seen angels too.  Actually, they had seen them a few times.  Wow!  I really wanted to see some angels too..but I didn’t.

Then for 27 years I taught the Bible, and during that time I never gave up studying as well.  But, still no angels.  Was there something wrong with me?  Wasn’t I as spiritually sound as these other people were?  I pondered that a lot.

Well, after years of battling the insidious disease of Alzheimer’s, Patrick and I moved into The Springs.  For 5 years I watched how you all cared for him and me and I discovered something wonderful.  I actually saw angels!  Only these angels didn’t have feathers or wings; instead they wore kitchen aprons; or blue care giver tops; or red med-aide tops, and some of the nurses just wore regular clothing; but these were all truly angels that blessed my husband and me every day.

So how can I ever begin to thank you?  The kindness that every one of you have shown me is so much more deserving than a mere “thank you”.  There are no words to express my gratitude.  You have shown us love in so many, many ways; way over the top – and I shall never, ever forget you all.

May God bless each and every one of you in His own magnificent way, for I love you all dearly.

Joann Barerra

Mom moved into The Springs at Tanasbourne in Sept. 2015. She moved cross-country so the stress level was high, and we were all feeling overwhelmed. The folks at The Springs brought us calm and peace as they were very responsive to our needs and questions. They made every effort to make sure Mom was safe, sound and happy. The Springs continues to impress with their almost weekly fun special events - beyond the more routine weekly fun items to choose from. These special, very-imaginative activities include things such as a Camp Out party with games and decor AND a Trip Around the World with stops at several countries - where the entire experience always exceeds expectations! They make living fun-filled and upbeat. I cannot express how lovely the place and people, it's not cheap, but this is a case of "you get what you pay for". Mom is happier than I've seen her in years since her life has been enriched by new friends, things to do (on location or mini trips away), great food, and attentive, respectful and friendly staff. Highly recommended!

Pam Halstead, via Google+ Review

Dear Lynn, I am one of the most recent members of the "Springs Family." Since I could no longer live alone in my home I made a very good choice. The staff has been very helpful and friendly. The people living here have helped make me feel welcome. The food is very nicely prepared and very polite people are serving it. The housecleaners are gracious, helpful, and friendly. -Grace Haugen at The Springs at Clackamas Woods

Thank you for the amazing care you are giving our mother. She feels so comfortable in her home at The Springs at Mill Creek!  She feels the caring every day.  Best of all, she isn't afraid to ask for the help she needs -- a big step for Mom! 

We also feel like we are all more relaxed!  Mom is so happy and enjoys everyone there and all of the activities.  She welcomes visitors, but not for too long, which we find to be funny because she doesn't like to disrupt her "schedule."  Now, she prefers for us to come to her home (The Springs at Mill Creek), where she used to prefer us picking her up and taking her out for overnighters or to stay with us, her family. 

We are doing everything possible to do what MOM wants to do and are realizing that she probably wanted to do this (move) for a long time while we were dragging her all over three states to be part of our lives.  We now know that Mom must have been more isolated and lonely than we knew.

Again, thank you to everyone at The Springs!  She feels known, cared for, acknowledged.  She feels great camaraderie.  Sometimes she lives in the past, but now looks to the future. 

The Springs at Mill Creek was love at first sight for Mom. 

I would also like to add that Toni (the executive director) at The Springs at Mill Creek is such a personal gal.  She knows EVERYONE, and she has been a joy in Mom's life.  After Mom's first week living there, Toni called and let us know that Mom was the most well-adjusted "newbie" at The Springs!  It meant so much!  Mom has been nothing but excited about her new life there.  She feels like she lives in a plush hotel and, with all of the daily activities, thinks she is on a cruise.

We are so happy for our mom, Joyce.  We call her "Re-Joyce" now as she has stepped away from grieving over my dad's death, moved out of her old lonely house of 66 years and embraced her wonderful new life.

Norah and Janet, "Re-Joyce's" daughters  

My name is Janeen Wadsworth and my mother, Patricia Kelloff, was a resident of the Springs of Tanasbourne from January 2010 to June 2015. Mom was in independent living for the majority of that time, until December 2014, when her health declined and she transitioned into Assisted Living at the Springs. Mom passed away at the Springs, just one month short of her 92nd birthday on June 21, 2015.

I am writing to express my thanks, and the thanks of our entire family, for the care and love extended to my mother during her entire tenure at the Springs, particularly for the time she spent in Assisted Living. There really are not sufficient words to tell you what a wonderful staff you have. The very first person we met back in late 2009 when we were looking for the best living situation for mom, was Jan Broderick. Jan has been a wonderful resource and friend to us over the years and when mom needed to transition to Assisted Living last December, Jan made sure the transition was smooth and timely. Her assistant Nichol Kemper has also been very helpful. They are both jewels. 

Other jewels on your staff: Katherine Teach, Greg Young, Michelle File, Stephanie Brandt, and some folks who are also great (I just can't remember their last names): Mikail (concierge), Janet (programs), Amber (food service) Michael, Nicholas and TJ (all in operations). All of these folks performed their jobs with true love and caring for mom and for us over the years.

I want to particularly recognize and thank the staff of the Assisted Living portion of the facility. Your Registered Nurse in Assisted Living, Linda Stanich, and her team were absolutely outstanding during mom's stay there and, particularly, as mom's health declined during the last months of her life. Linda and the Resident Services Coordinator, Leanne Barger, also worked with us to select the best Hospice provider for mom. 

Though I don't know their last names, I want to specially acknowledge and thank the following Assisted Living staff members: Med Aides: Tony, Itzel, Tracey, Monica, Tyler and Mandy. Caregivers: Meko, Maria, Sophie, Tiffany, Jennifer, and Betty. 

Linda, Leanne and the staff were professional and compassionate at all times. They made a very difficult journey for us much easier because of their true caring and love for mom and for us. We feel like they became part of our family, and will remain so forever. 

I would be remiss if I didn't mention your new Executive Director, Eric Christensen. We only met him briefly, but he evidenced resident-focused leadership, and I know he is aware of how fortunate he is to have such a wonderful team of people to work with.

In closing, we were blessed that mom enjoyed the last several years of her life at the Springs of Tanasbourne, and we want you to know we will never forget the genuine love and caring extended to mom and to her family over the years, and particularly during her final journey in this life.

Finally, we want to thank Fee, for creating such a wonderful place for people to age gracefully and with dignity, and for each and every time you would reach out to mom during celebrations and get-togethers at the Springs. It meant so much to her.

With warmest regards from our entire family, Janeen Wadsworth

To all the Woods staff, especially the caregivers: Jack, Carmelita, Ernestina, Moria, Madlyn, Swanee, Kayla, Gabby, Romita, Joann, Hermina, Mithasy, and Josie Thank you for the wonderful care you provided for our mother. We appreciate it so much. And thank you for your extra kindness and thoughtfulness during her last few days. You have truly all blessed her life and ours.
From Arlowine's daughters and families

Barbara: Thank you for always having fresh fruit available and simplifying the menu. And a personal thank you to whomever it is who slices my orange when I order it with breakfast.

Savannah: Even though Thursday afternoon is my laundry day, not Monday, thanks so much for washing a load that had wet clothes in it. You’re always so cheerful when you get my garbage and I appreciate you asking me if there’s something else you can do for me.

Jesse: The efficient Jesse. Thanks for keeping track of my self-administered meds and asking me if it’s time to reorder. And for keeping track of my oxygen tanks and tubing even when it’s my fault I didn’t order enough.

Andry: You make us happy. Thank you for noticing and acknowledging the residents and taking time to talk to us. I’m sure you have other chores as well, but we really need the kind of “happy” care you give.

Med Aids and Caregivers …They are each so pleasant and kind and have so much to do that needs attention to the detail. Theron and Kirsten (who gently rubs my back instead of pounding on me). And Kaitlyn, Jesse, and others whose names escape me now.

Whoever had the idea of Gratitude Journals – thank you. I’ve been enjoying ending my day in a positive mood.

Christy: The décor at The Springs is beautiful! You are so creative and we need the glitzy touches you put here and there.

Jackie, Anna and the lovely Meco. They get breakfast to me or whatever I need even though they have to hurry to stay on schedule.

I love living here and still thank Jillian for putting me in this lovely apartment. Blessings – Edna Cooke

I have been dining every Thanksgiving & Christmas at Anna Maria Creekside (now called The Springs at Anna Maria) for over 12 years.  My mother lives at (The Springs at) Anna Maria and the meals are always very good on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year on both occasions the meals have been exceptionally good.  The quality of the food and the selection was great.  The preparation was extremely timely and all food was warm and tasty. The wait staff was extremely friendly and spared no effort to make all of us comfortable. Some of the younger staff members started as early as 6am.  The effort they put forth was not unnoticed.  They are all to be commended.  Hope is working extremely hard to make all our holiday experience the best it can be.  She is always present to make sure everything runs smoothly, also to be commended.  Keep up the good work, I can't wait until the next holiday to have a great feast!   Your employees are the best!  - Rich Sutliff

Dear Sally: I just want to thank you and your staff for the years of care The Springs (at Missoula) provided for my parents, Doris and Larry. Rick and I cared deeply for them but could never have provided the level of care they required. It was so comforting for me and my family knowing our parents were so well taken care of. Your staff goes far beyond just doing their job. They show time and again how much they care for the people in their care... your willingness to help (us) spoke volumes to me. ...although you are trying to run a business... the business is there for the good of the people. I have nothing but the highest regards for you and your staff. I just can't thank all of you enough. - Sincerely, Mike Hogan and the Hogan Family

My first impression of The Springs Living revealed a community designed to meet the needs of retirees who want to live the best possible lives. "The Springs" concept of livability includes family members and friends of the resident being invited to participate in the many special events here. This further enhances "The Springs" lifestyle for the whole family. I felt the loving, nurturing attitude of staff upon first meeting. I knew then that this would become "home for me". - Patsy Burbach

The first thing we noticed about The Springs was the positive, happy attitude that everyone had. Then we discovered that there were activities, for both men and women. There is the great weight room and swimming pool. There is the putting green with tournaments, There us music in the pub every Friday. Every activity that you can imagine is right here. The bus takes you shopping and to medical appointments, (no need to climb in as there is a ramp). Having been to other facilities and lived in another facility, nothing could compare to The Springs, Even our great grandsons want to live here. And when they thrown a party every month, they really know how to throw party! Did I mention the positive, happy attitude that everyone has? - Fred and Lil Brayton

The Springs has been my new home for the past year. It has been a very happy period for me at this stage of my life. I am extremely pleased with my choice of The Springs to love. In my search for a senior living facility throughout Multnomah and Washington counties, The Springs excelled over all others. In my opinion, The Springs provides superior food, activities and services. I love it here, I'm staying! - Duane Terry, Charter Resident

We are among the "more elderly" here at The Springs. We have celebrated our second wedding anniversary here, our "one year" move in celebration and every day has been a Reward Day! We were encouraged and assisted by our daughters and families, We have a modest, adequate apartment and have access to enjoy the lovely space and amenities always available to us at The Springs. We are delighted with the warm and charming staff who appear to enjoy spoiling us, They direct events, games, therapies, drive us to appointments and provide interesting recreational trips.The open seating and eating times in any of the three restaurants where delicious food, delightfully served, encourages new friendships. And we enjoy inviting old friends and families to share this special place, The Springs. A superb place to live. - Evelyn and Keith Claycomb

We found The Springs in 2003, close to my aunt's sister.  As dementia progressed she moved to The Woods at Willowcreek for memory care.  We noticed words were becoming hard for her to forumulate.  Gradually she lost the ability to speak..the loss of communication was the most difficult thing for her family.  One of the family's greatest comforts was the love and care she received from her "family" at The Woods.  By choosing The Springs/Woods we didn't know what a great final home and family my aunt Florence would have.  We thank all who cared for her over the years.  We never once worried about her care when we couldn't be there - Beverly - Florence Hobble's niece

Reasons why I chose The Springs as opposed to other retirement community facilities:

  • We had need of two bedroom apartment to allow for office (computer) space.
  • The kitchen is furnished with full size oven.
  • The deck of the apartment has a nice view of Magnolia Park and a line of evergreen trees as a backdrop.
  • The staff at The Springs are friendly, conscientious and knowledgeable.
  • We had a chance to meet with the owner, Fee Stubblefield, and learn of his financial planning for The Springs; (7 year construction loan), the facilities and activities to help promote health and pleasant living for the residents
  • Newness: excitement of being part of a new organization, new friends starting together.
  • Trust; feeling of trust with owner and staff.
  • Building: design and planned activities.
  • Price: affordable luxury

- Jack and Barbara Miller