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Our Story

Our story is a true story about a boy who loved his Grandma. He grew up watching her work hard in the family business and take great care of her family. He learned the values of listening, respect and hard work. He was taught the importance of love, kindness, dignity and caring well for others. As the years passed, his Grandma would tell him, “When I get old, promise never to put me in an old folks’ home.” He would never forget those words.

Time passed and the boy grew up and had a family of his own. His Grandma was entering her eighties and with Grandpa having passed on, she lived alone. She stayed close to home focusing her time on her yard, home and grandchildren. Busy with his own family and work, he visited when he could.

One day, while mowing her lawn, Grandma had a heart attack. This turned a page to a whole new chapter of life because she treasured her independence and never wanted to be a bother to her friends or family. Even though she recovered, the entire family knew that she would need additional help. Once again, the family started spending more time with Grandma, mowing her lawn and helping out. Again and again she would say “Whatever happens I want to stay in my own home.” And the grandson listened carefully.

Our story gives the details on our senior living facilities in OR
The story of our senior living facilities' humble beginnings in OR

Several years passed and Grandma’s doctors began to suggest that she should move some place where she could get more help with day-to-day tasks. Even the simple things had become difficult. The family struggled with this, wanting desperately to honor her wishes to “stay in her own home.”

One day, it became obvious. The house was too big, the chores too difficult, and Grandma was feeling like an imposition on her friends and family. Understanding how his Grandma felt, the Grandson had an idea.

Why not create a place that feels like home? A place where life would be just a little easier. A place dedicated to those simple and important values passed down from generations. A place that had great food and a nice yard. A place where people are listened to and treated with respect and kindness. A place that was warm and comfortable and where family would want to visit. Simply put, a place to live better.

Eventually, the Grandson built the first community and named it after the family business where his Grandma had worked so hard and had taught her Grandson so much. Today, The Springs Living communities are warm and friendly places full of caring people. The food is good and each community is kept neat and clean with really nice yards, just like Grandma’s house.

While one family’s story started The Springs Living, today a growing number of families continue the legacy of creating that special place we all want our mothers, fathers, friends and grandparents to live. Each Springs Living community has its own stories with real people and real families creating that place where “Life is Just a Little Easier Here.”

Fee Stubblefield, the Grandson and Founder of The Springs Living