The Journey of Moving to a Community

Searching for a retirement community may be filled with mixed emotions. We hope to ease this journey with providing you enough information to help guide your decision. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions as a preliminary guide or contact us through phone, email or form. We are here to help navigate this transition.


The Costs of Senior Community Living | Part One

There are many reasons why pricing is not easy to find when you’re researching senior living communities without first sitting down with a representative. Part One of this Two-Part series will discuss the financial impact of senior living and ways to pay for it.

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Community Living

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Mental Health and Wellness as We Age

Mental health and wellness is something everyone, no matter their age, need to nurture and address. Each chapter of our lives brings on different types of stress, and also different opportunities to adapt and face those challenges. At The Springs Living, we’re committed to addressing these issues by creating communities that embrace and encourage social activities, becoming physically and mentally fit, and eating healthy.

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Family Caregiver Burnout: Symptoms and Prevention

If you have become the primary family caregiver for your loved one, it may be time to consider seeking additional support from professionals who understand how you may be feeling. We see this quite often and have a lot of experience guiding family members through their emotions when they contact us. Wherever you are on your journey, The Springs Living can provide the support and comfort you might be seeking, plus answer any additional questions you have about caring for your loved one.

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Downsizing & Moving

Let's Have That Talk About Assisted Living

When it comes time to have “the talk” with your parents about assisted living, it can feel daunting. How will mom or dad respond? It’s human nature to avoid talking about things that make us uncomfortable, so how do you have this conversation? We've provided eight guidelines that may help facilitate and ease the conversation.

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5 Tips To Downsizing

Having loads of “stuff” is nothing new to the American way of life, especially for adults who’ve raised families in a home for years. Eventually, you’ll need to go through all the things you've accumulated and downsize. We've included five tips to begin the downsizing process.

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Downsizing for Seniors

Leaving a home is always bittersweet, especially for seniors who may be downsizing or leaving a family home that holds many memories. At the same time, it can be liberating - with less stuff and chores, people can begin living a simpler life full of the activities they enjoy.

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Life Stories


Dementia Pathways: Thoughts for the Journey

People living with dementia experience the same range of emotions as at any other time in their lives. Their experience includes periods of difficulty and unrest, but they also experience moments of great joy, moments of pleasure, and feelings of contentment. It’s important for both residents and their families to have the tools and support to walk this journey together.

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