Benefits to Senior Communities for Independent Living

Community Living

Accessibility & Home Maintenance

One benefit to a retirement community is accessibility. Most communities, including The Springs Living, have been specifically designed for seniors, with their needs and daily activities in mind. A senior community allows for greater mobility, safety and enjoyment.

Living in a community relieves the burden of seasonal clean up, home repairs and housekeeping, especially for an older person living alone. Home and yard maintenance are taken care of by a professional staff, leaving you to enjoy your days worry-free and knowing that getting around will be easy.

Health & Wellness

A retirement community that offers on-site or virtual health care, fitness equipment, exercise or stretching classes designed specifically for seniors, hair salons, manicures and learning opportunities, make health and wellness easy to achieve. On-site pharmacies also make staying on track with medicine easy and convenient.

In addition, chef-prepared meals ensure nutrition and dietary needs are being met along with a variety of food choices. Community living also has a built-in network of friends to enjoy meals and after-hour drinks with — a large component to mental well-being in the form of socialization. Outdoor walking paths and resident-tended gardens encourage fresh air activities at one’s own pace and round out the perfect environment for seniors to thrive.

Safety, Security & Privacy

Living alone can present safety issues to people of any age, but especially to seniors. From ensuring all the windows and doors are locked, to monitoring who is coming to your door with a delivery. Senior living communities have staff available 24/7 every day of the year. Between the staff and emergency call systems, seniors in a community will never be alone. The added layers of privacy for residents in a community setting is unparalleled, assuring someone else is always looking out for you and your well-being.

Specialized Care

Independent living and assisted living can mean different things to different people. As part of a community, most of your daily worries are taken care of by people who understand your needs and are providing similar services for your fellow residents. If you are already part of a larger support system, you can rest assured that a professional will confidentially work with you (and your family) with transitions to increased care needs when they arise. This level of specialized care means you’re surrounded by professionals who know you and your needs, and will support you as your needs change.


If we learned anything in 2020, it was that being part of a community was hugely beneficial during a pandemic. Residents at The Springs Living communities had peace of mind that they were safe and looked after. While we faced adversity with COVID, we were in it together and caring for one another the entire time, while so many other seniors remained isolated from the outside world for the better part of 12 months.

Being a part of a community means never being alone. This includes staff and other residents to socialize with, to take a walk with, to navigate life’s changes with. You’ll have access to health and wellness professionals trained to provide you with the best nutrition and activity programs designed specifically for the way your body moves. More than anything else, it’s knowing that if you want to be alone, you can, and if you want to socialize or take part in activities, you can do that as well. You can be alone without ever truly feeling alone, and that in itself is the biggest benefit of all.