The Springs at Butte Honors Employee with Service Award

March 08, 2018

Butte, MT, March 6, 2018 – Fee Stubblefield, founder of The Springs Living, was inspired by his grandmother Lillian to build The Springs Living retirement communities.

Lillian taught Fee many of the values that have become the essence of how he modeled The Springs Living, such as working hard, keeping high moral standards, and kindness to others. In 2014, Fee initiated the Lillian Award to honor his grandmother and to recognize those qualities demonstrated in a special team member.

The Lillian Award recognizes the outstanding performance of an employee, from any department, in any community of The Springs Living. This employee goes above and beyond the agreed-upon duties and responsibilities of their job to contribute to the overall positive morale of the community. Communities throughout Oregon and Montana nominated 15 employees. “Representing the servant leader, the award goes to Andrew Zemljak from The Springs at Butte,” announced Stubblefield at The Springs Living award ceremony in Portland, Ore. “Andrew is highly educated, highly intelligent, but most importantly, his emotional I.Q. is through the roof. Thank you for the amazing job you do. You represent the best in The Springs Living,” said Stubblefield.

 “Andrew has been a dedicated employee of The Springs at Butte for nine years providing exceptional service to our residents, their families and his teammates. He is very deserving of this honor,” explains Lauren Kippen, Executive Director of The Springs at Butte. “I wish you all could have someone as dedicated to his residents as we have in Andrew. He is what makes a difference to the people we serve every day, and he does it for all the right reasons. This is a big night for Butte and I couldn’t be prouder of my team and of Andrew.”

“There seems to be no limits to what Andrew will do for residents – it could be setting up their personal computers or taking them to mass on Christmas Eve,” says Kippen. “Even outside our community, other professionals have paid compliments to him – how friendly and caring he is – how he makes a difference in the lives of our residents by providing attention to each and every one.”

The residents agree with these observations, with one stating, “He is such a nice man, wonderful caregiver, and good sheepherder. He gives personal attention and you can tell that what he does isn’t just part of his job, he will do anything for anyone, no questions asked.”

Shocked and delighted to have been announced the winner of the Lillian Award, Zemljak said while choking back tears, “My residents, back home, treat me like family. What I do every day it’s not just a job, it’s who I am. I’m lucky to be with my friends. This is such an honor I can’t even put it into words. Thank you.”