A message from the Founder and CEO, Fee Stubblefield

My grandmother, who patiently taught me the importance of manners, courtesy and respect, also taught me that how someone is treated is much more important than the color of the foyer or the artwork on the wall. It only takes a smile, a kind word or a chat over a cup of coffee to brighten our day. These are the things that matter most, and it became our mission to create handcrafted communities that feel like home. It doesn’t just happen that way. It takes a team of dedicated people with hearts to serve.


I also remember Grandma saying, "Where has the time gone?" I learned that what she really meant was, "I'm still the person I've always been, my body is just not cooperating anymore." That's where we come in. Many of us will need to live in a supportive environment as we age, so we build communities that are fun, lively, and comfortable. We often hear from residents, and their families, that our communities are like living on a cruise ship on land full of great food, fun, lots of activities and great friends.

As each chapter of life unfolds, we hope you will continue to live life to its fullest and if you choose to live with us, we hope you find that life is just a little easier here.

A History of Lehman Hot Springs

Deep in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon, is a special place known for rejuvenation. That place is Lehman Hot Springs.

From the 1800s to the early 1900s, Lehman Hot Springs was considered sacred ground by the Native Americans. The young people, who were healthy and strong, would bring their elders to soak and meditate, and they would feel refreshed and renewed for a while.

This same land became part of the Founder’s family and where Fee Stubblefield grew up. In 1996, when Fee began dreaming of building a community for his grandmother, his inspiration for the name, and how to help people live better, came from Lehman Hot Springs.


“Lehman Hot Springs is where the young people would bring their elders to soak their bones, meditate, feel refreshed, and renewed for a while.”

-Jesse Jones, Cayuse Chief

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