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Letter to Vendors

Dear Vendors of The Springs Living,
As you have likely seen in the recent news, the threat of the Coronavirus has reached the Pacific Northwest, including the Portland metropolitan area. While there are currently no cases of Coronavirus identified in any of our communities, we want you to know we are taking this potential risk very seriously.

As one of our business partners, we need to enlist your help to ensure we are doing everything possible to reduce the likelihood of the virus entering our communities.

Two specific actions we are requesting of you:

1) Communicate to your staff – and your delivery services in particular – that nobody should enter any of our communities if they are experiencing symptoms of a cold or flu. This includes people who may not go near residents. We are proactively asking the same of our employees and resident families.

2) Confirm whether your supply chain has been impacted negatively in any way, that might create service challenges to our operations. If you are running low on items that we regularly order from you or might order during illness season, please notify us right away. We would appreciate your support in helping us continue to serve seniors without risk of inventory shortages. Our goal is to overprepare in an abundance of caution. We have been implementing an elevated level of our standard infectious control protocol since Friday, February 28th, including adjustments to our culinary, housekeeping, and health services. We have also started a preshift screening of our employees, and may ask the same of your representatives when they visit our communities.

We appreciate your assistance to ensure that the health and safety of our employees and residents are a top priority. We appreciate your company elevating their diligence during this time to help make our communities the safest place for seniors to live.

Should any of you have further questions, please reach out.


Fee Stubblefield
Founder & CEO