Our Story

Our story is a true story; it starts with a boy whose best friend was his Grandma. They played together, laughed together, and—along with the rest of the family—they even worked together in the family business. They loved each other very much. His family taught him the value of work and how important it is to care for others. As the boy grew older and his Grandma retired, he spent many happy hours with her at her home. They would talk about many things. But the boy always remembered one thing his Grandma said. She said, "When I get old, you have to promise never to put me in one of those old folks' homes." The boy listened very carefully to what his best friend said. He knew how important it was to her.

As it always does, time continued to pass. The boy became a man with a family of his own. By then, his Grandma was in her eighties, lived alone, and mostly stayed at home except for trips to the post office or grocery store. Busy with his own family and work, the Grandson didn't see his Grandma as much then.

But one day, while mowing her lawn (she always did have a very nice yard), the young man's Grandma had a heart attack. The family came together immediately. Grandma recovered, but she and the whole family knew that she would need additional help from then on. The Grandson started spending more time with his Grandma once again. He mowed her lawn for her, just like when he was a boy. And he listened very carefully when she said. "Whatever happens, I want to stay in my own home."

Several years passed like this. Then Grandma's doctors began to suggest that she should move somewhere she could get more help with day-to-day chores. But the family wanted to honor their Grandma's wishes, so they continued to care for her in her own home. After awhile, though, even Grandma knew she couldn't go on like this. The house was much too big to handle and she didn't like feeling that she was imposing on the family.

Knowing how his Grandma felt, the Grandson had A BIG IDEA. He would build a place where his Grandma—and other wonderful people like her—could live that still felt like a home. It would be warm, comfortable place; a place that family would want to come and visit, a place with great food and friendly people who really cared.

Of course, the Grandson knew he would need help with a project this big. So he called on a friend who not only was expert at building things, but was a really nice guy, too. He liked the Grandson's idea and together they built their first community. They named it The Springs after the family business where his Grandma had done so much hard work and taught her Grandson so much.

Today, the community they built is a warm and friendly place full of caring people. It has very, very good food. It's always kept neat and clean. And it has a very nice yard, too—just like Grandma's house always did. And while we'd like to say it's exactly like home, this is a true story and not a fairy tale. Always, at the heart of what we do, is our commitment to each of our communities a place where Grandma would like to live.


Fee Stubblefield, Lillian's Grandson and Founder, The Springs Living

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