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Letter from the Founder

In 1996, I embarked on what I thought was going to be a simple journey: to build a community where my grandmother could comfortably live. To me, a better community meant a better building –at first. I soon learned it meant so much more than that.

To my grandmother, who patiently taught me the importance of manners, courtesy and respect, the way she is treated is much more important than the color of the foyer or the paintings on the wall. A smile, a kind word and a cup of coffee can make her day. She never wanted to go to an "old folk's home" as she used to call it. She simply wanted to stay home. It became our mission to design handcrafted communities that feel like home.

I remember Grandma would always say, "Where has the time gone?" What she really meant was, "I'm still the person I've always been on the inside – my body is just not cooperating." Many of us need to live in a supportive environment as we age, despite our hesitation. That's where we come in. We build communities that are fun, lively, comfortable places to live. We like to think our job is to create communities that evoke the excitement of land-based cruise ships. Great food, fun, friends, and a warm staff dedicated to excellence are expected at every Springs community.

That doesn't just happen; it takes a team of dedicated people to serve our customers. By creating an outstanding place to work, we attract an outstanding staff.

As each chapter of life unfolds, remember to Live Life to its Fullest.

Warm Regards,

Fee Stubblefield, Lillian's Grandson
Founder, The Springs Living

Enjoy a letter from the founder of our senior living facilities in OR