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The Springs at Wilsonville is home to Deep Roots


Lyman and Louise Seely, ages 96 and 94, can trace the Seely family lineage in the Willamette Valley back to 1851. They are a close-knit family crediting their upbringing for their family values. Recently, they agreed to an interview with The Wilsonville Spokesman along with their three children, in their apartment at The Springs at Wilsonville.


“I think it’s almost inherent in our family that you’re going to feel that way about family, that family ties are meaningful,” Lyman said. “People don’t like to have a rift in that family relationship… You heal up and compromise, forgiveness, there’s a lot of good words you could use for what I’m trying to say,” he added. “They all come from unconditional love.”

As a living testament of this strong bond, Lyman and Louise will be celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary on May 9.