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Garden Time TV shoots segment at The Springs at Clackamas Woods


Excerpt from the Garden Time TV newsletter June 18, 2014

As we age there are lots of things we have to give up.  You have to watch what you eat.  You can’t break dance anymore and you can’t body surf like you used to.  But you can continue to garden!  We found a bunch of… gardeners at a local retirement community called The Springs at Clackamas Woods. When we got there they were busy in the garden pulling weeds and cultivating around plants.  We first talked to Candice about the story of the property and the types of programs they have for community members.  Candice told us that the buildings were located over on old rhubarb farm and that residents and staff still find old rhubarb roots on the property when they are digging.  The Springs had many gardens spread out over the grounds.  Since they offer independent living, assisted living and memory care, they had gardens for all the different types of needs of their community members.  We talked with some of the gardeners that were working in the raised beds.  First we met Art, who is one of the most active gardeners at The Springs.  He was the tomato expert and told us he was trying some new varieties this year.  He loved sharing the bounty of the garden with other community members.  He also was growing lots of flowers around the raised beds so people could enjoy the color later this summer.  Then we met with Helen the designated ‘weeder’ of the bunch.  She had been a gardener with she lived in a house, but mainly grew flowers.  She enjoyed just hanging out with other gardeners and getting outdoors.

The one thing we learned was that the garden was not only a great place to get physical exercise, it put all the gardeners in a wonderful state of mind.  They all had a smile and a great attitude.  It proved that a garden and gardening in general helps promote a healthy lifestyle.

Check out the production shots on our Facebook photo album:

Show times for this first of two segments are Saturday, June 21st on the following stations: Portland KOIN-6 8:30 a.m., Salem KWVT-17 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., and Eugene KEVU-23 8:30 a.m.